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Walmart To Include Millions More Products In 2-Day Shipping Ahead of Holiday Season




Walmart to include millions more products in 2-day shipping ahead of holiday shopping season. Retailers like Amazon, Flipkart are increasingly offering free shipping and easy returns on many items. Now, Walmart said Tuesday that it’s expanding its two-day shipping program to the millions of products sold by third parties.

Walmart initially started free, 2-day shipping of items back in January 2017, so long as customer spends at least $35. The retailer wanted to beat Amazon Prime. Now, it is offering the same shipping option across it marketplace too.

The company announced that it will work with “high-performing” sellers to launch free, two-day shipping in the U.S. Smaller sellers who wish to join the program can partner with third-party shippers. Those sellers can also introduce two-day shipping across some parts of the U.S. Although, the company has announced the news, it will broadly roll out the program in the coming months.

“A great product return experience is a top contributor to overall customer satisfaction and repeat purchases,” the chief revenue officer of Walmart’s e-commerce division, Scott Hilton, said in a blog post.

Apart from this new move of expansion, Walmart also refreshing its website, improving its virtual inventory and picking up some e-commerce companies. The company is expecting 40 percent growth this year.

“Retailers realize they are fighting for convenience,” Rod Sides, head of Deloitte’s retail practice said in a statement. “At the end of the day, they have to bring everything to you.”



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