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Russian Security Agency Contradicts US OneWeb Satellite Startup Over National Security Concern




Russian security agency contradicts US OneWeb satellite startup over national security concern. OneWeb, which intends to utilize a constellation of numerous satellites to give an worldwide Internet network, hit an deal with Russian space agency Roscosmos in 2015 to send them into space and it secured a joint endeavor with an subsidiary of the agency to service Russia.

Federal Security Service official Vladimir Sadovnikov said while talking at a meeting in Moscow, the FSB was against the venture adjusting Russia for security reasons since it could conceivably hand an outside Internet specialist co-op an imposing business model over country and remote territories.

Moscow’s ties with the West are at a post-Cold War low after Russia’s 2014 extension of Crimea and columns over authorizations, Syria, asserted race intruding and a harming assault on a previous covert agent in Britain.

Sadovnikov yielded that there were satellite undertakings like OneWeb in scale, like Iridium which were at that point being used, yet they were not utilized broadly and are in this way not seen as a threat.

Yet, now, after complaints from Moscow, Oneweb is surrendering its dominant part stake in the endeavor, as per two industry sources and a Russian state obtainment archive. Sadovnikov said, “Some of Russia’s regions would become totally dependent on a foreign satellite service. The only way to address the threats of foreign satellite networks like OneWeb, especially in the Arctic region and Far North, is to restrict their usage in Russia.”


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